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If you are not interested in having one of our professionals write your custom research essay or research proposal completely, you can chat with our writers via your Internet connection and be as involved as you want to be in the process. We also have proofreading and editing services for those students who prefer to do some supervised writing themselves. We can work with you any way you wish. You have total control over the situation.
live chat never tries to hide the fact that keeping our customers happy is our number one priority. This is our primary principle, so our customers can expect the royal treatment when they do business with us. We frequently get letters from customers telling us how remarkable it is that we really listen to them about what they need. Our writers are famous for never missing a detail in the customization process. They are also famous for never submitting any paper back to a customer if it has a single error on it. This means that each essay is edited and double edited to assure that it is perfect.  Of course, if there is any problem, whatsoever, with your paper, you can get as many revisions as you would like until the paper is as you would like it to be. We provide this service to you absolutely free. It is simply a part of our wanting to make your every transaction with a positive, happy experience. We have very strong opinions about plagiarism, because some of the other custom writing services will take their customers’ money then sell them a paper that they have stolen elsewhere on the Internet. This places the customer in danger of jeapordizing his or her college future! We offer a full guarantee that no paper that leaves our hands will be plagiarized in any way.
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